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The moment you have been charged with or accused of domestic violence, you are placed in a very difficult and painful situation. Not only can you be blocked from being with your family, but your hard-earned reputation will be called into question. Even if you are not taken to jail, you will likely be unable to return to your home and your loved ones if a protection order is taken out against you.

How Does Domestic Violence Work In Ohio?

While domestic abuse is real, there are often those who use the system for their own advantage, sometimes for malicious vindication or even for material gain. In such challenging circumstances, you need an honest representative to fight for your rights. Our domestic violence lawyers at Cross Law Office are determined help protect your rights, ensure your voice is heard, and defend your side of the story. 

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How Do Protection Orders Work In Ohio?

Colloquially known as “restraining orders,” protection orders are put in place to keep the alleged perpetrator away from a victim, their family, their dwelling, and their place of business and/or school for the duration of its terms. 

Types Of Protection Orders In Ohio

There are several different kinds of protection orders in Ohio: Domestic Violence/Dating Violence Temporary Protection Orders (DVTPO) and Criminal Protection Orders (CRPO), issued by criminal courts; Civil Stalking Protection Orders (CSPO), issued by a civil court judge against familial or household members; and Stalking or Sexually Orientated Offense Protection Order (SSOOPO) issues by a civil court to protect those who are being stalked. 

What Do Protection Orders Ban You From Doing?

Such orders are put in place as a method of stopping alleged abuse. They not only bar a defendant from contacting family in person, but often restricts any communication through email, texting, calling, writing a letter, or even having a third-party bring a message to a family residence. It may also award temporary custody of minor children to an alleged victim, should that be in question. 

Violating this order can result in a misdemeanor or felony conviction, depending on the circumstances of the violation and a defendant’s previous criminal history.  

How to Defend Against Domestic Violence

Allegations of domestic violence can occur in many different scenarios and contexts. Sometimes people may be involved in a heated argument, or they might be in a place where alcohol and drugs are influencing their emotions. In cases where divorce or child custody is an issue, emotions also tend to run particularly high. Many times, in matters like these, there is not simply a “single victim” – the unfortunate truth is that sometimes an alleged victim can stage a scene of domestic abuse or falsely accuse the other person to gain the upper hand in their family law matter.

When a protection order was allegedly violated, we can help defend your rights by proving:

  • No lawful order existed
  • You had no knowledge that an order existed
  • You did not recklessly violate the order

Similarly, after an arrest, we can look into the circumstances of the incident and carefully review the evidence against you with the aim to avoid a protection order or criminal charges in the first place. It is important to remember that you should never answer police questioning without having an attorney present. Calling Cross Law Office as soon as you are able is your first defense in protect your rights, future, and reputation. 

Unfortunately, because of the spotlight placed on domestic violence crimes by the media, prosecutors, juries, and law enforcement officials may have a stereotyped, biased, or preconceived notion regarding your situation. The reality is that these cases are tremendously nuanced and are often resolved with an in-depth look at the evidence against you. 

Our domestic violence attorneys will take the time to get to know you and fight to expose reasonable doubt and key evidence. We understand that good people can get caught up in bad situations and we truly believe in each and every one of our valued clients. Our firm is here to help, not judge, and we will work hard to ensure you get your fair day in court, when necessary. 

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