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Cross Law Office, LLC provides clients with attentive and reliable representation to navigate Ohio’s criminal justice system. You may, understandably, be facing overwhelming emotions and stress, but rest assured that our Noble County criminal defense attorney can walk you through the process, ensuring that your side of the story is told. 

Our team never backs down from a challenge and use our considerable resources and knowledge to every client’s advantage. Whether you’ve been pulled over, arrested, or accused of a crime, trust their attorneys for defense solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

Our Noble County criminal defense lawyers handle the following cases:

Why Hire an Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyer?

A criminal defense attorney plays a critical role – both in and out of court – in the outcome of your case, and your experience through the legal justice system. 

At Cross Law Office, LLC, our criminal attorneys will:

  • Discuss the information related to your situation. This will help your lawyer form a defense strategy addressing the issues at hand.
  • Examine your case. Beyond discussing the facts of the situation, your attorney will also conduct extensive investigations of serious cases, which may include addressing police officers, witnesses, and experts. We can also study the prosecution’s case to construct a case against the charges.
  • Review the evidence. This might involve collecting witness and police statements, as well as independently testing evidence.
  • Engage in plea bargaining if it Is right for your situation. In certain circumstances, prosecutors will issue a lenient sentence to defendants in exchange for their cooperation or admission of guilt. This option is not always in the defendant’s best interests, however, such as if the accused is innocent or the prosecution lacks the evidence to prosecute the case. In such a situation, we will aim to dismiss the charge or proceed to trial, which may be a more favorable option.
  • Represent the defendant at trial. This includes arguing on behalf of the defendant and acting in the courtroom as their legal voice, as well as hearing testimonies while in court, speaking with jurors, and cross-examining witnesses and experts. At Cross Law Office, LLC, we do not shy away from trial and will do what it takes to stand up for your rights and best interests. 

After an arrest, consult with our criminal defense lawyers in Noble County to discuss your legal options. Call (740) 997-2004 or fill out our secure online contact form to get started.

Don’t Risk Criminal Penalties

The criminal penalties upon conviction for any charge could result in jail time and fines, among other penalties. For instance, even a misdemeanor, regarded as a “less serious” crime, of simple assault is punishable by months in county jail and/or fines, probation, and restitution. Certain offenses could also become “aggravated,” resulting in felony penalties, which could amount to years in prison and higher fines. In either case, you may be left with a criminal record, which can hinder your ability to obtain housing, loan, education, and other opportunities. 

Quality legal representation, however, could help to reduce or mitigate the penalties you face, if not dismiss them outright. 

Don’t risk the criminal penalties without putting up a fight; let our Ohio defense lawyers put our experience and advocacy skills to use as we defend your case in court.

Understanding Your Rights in Criminal Defense Cases

When facing criminal accusations, it is critical that you understand your rights and legal choices. Our firm's team of skilled Ohio criminal defense attorneys is fully dedicated to arguing for your rights while developing the most solid possible case for you. We possess substantial knowledge of the criminal justice system and will fight continuously to get the best outcome for you.

Some important rights to be aware of in criminal defense cases include:

  • The right to remain silent
  • The right to legal representation
  • The right to a fair trial
  • The right to confront witnesses
  • The right to appeal a conviction

By speaking with our Noble County criminal defense attorney, you will obtain a greater grasp of your rights and the legal tactics available to defend against criminal accusations. Do not risk incurring criminal charges unless you have a competent legal representative on your side. Do not hesitate to reach out to Cross Law Office, LLC right away to schedule a consultation with an experienced Ohio criminal defense attorney.

Commonly Asked Questions

What should I look for when hiring a criminal defense lawyer?

Before choosing a criminal defense attorney for your case, it's essential to think about factors such as their expertise, thorough knowledge of a specific area of criminal law that applies to your case, an established record of success, and the ability to communicate effectively. Finding a lawyer who is devoted to upholding your rights and best interests throughout the entire legal process is also crucial.

Can a criminal defense attorney help with post-conviction matters?

Yes, criminal defense lawyers are capable of assisting with post-conviction concerns such as pursuing appeals, seeking an adjustment for a sentence, and looking into alternatives for record elimination or sealing. It is best that you obtain legal counsel right away as possible in order to learn about potential options for a post-conviction solution.

What should I expect during the initial consultation with a criminal defense attorney?

During the initial meeting, you should expect to talk about the specifics of your case, such as the events that led to the charges, any evidence or witnesses involved, and your legal options. The attorney will evaluate the circumstances, provide an explanation of the legal procedure, and discuss viable defense strategies and options for moving forward with your case.

Client Reviews

  • “Amazing Experience”
    “They contact you in a very timely manner taking care of whatever is needed from phone calls to any process of your need, taking care of you as known them, more than just a person on the other end of the phone.”
    - Kelly M
  • “Not Guilty!”
    “Very knowledgable Lawyer. Proud to say "Not Guilty", all charges.”
    - Richard
  • “I truly consider him a friend for life.”
    “Mr. Cross was fair and reasonable in everyway and lead me to the eventual result I could have only dreamed of.”
    - Steve
  • “If I ever need a lawyer again, he's the man I'm going to.”
    “He is very understanding and I feel like he always has my best interests in mind.”
    - Joey
  • “Highly recommend!”
    “I have reached out to Mr. Cross on two occasions for separate issues and he has been very good to work with.”
    - Brad O.
  • “I would most definitely recommend them for any legal situation.”
    “Great amazing people that do everything they possibly can to help their clients out.”
    - Joshua G.
  • “I was lucky to have him.”
    “Great receptionists and an extremely professional and well groomed lawyer!”
    - Johnathan B.

Consult with a Noble County Criminal Lawyer

The Ohio criminal defense attorneys at our firm have a deep knowledge of the legal system reinforced by the resources and client-focused mindset our clients need and deserve. Once we take on your case, we will take immediate action to help you mitigate the associated risks and consequences as best as we can. 

It is in your best interest to hire a criminal defense lawyer, as failing to do so can lead to a host of consequences. It is never in your best interest to answer police questioning without an attorney present, as even a simple statement can lead to self-incrimination. A lawyer can better help you decide on your best legal options, especially when you are already struggling to juggle the immediate consequences of being charged. We are also not afraid of going to court and fighting for your defense from the start of your case to its conclusion. From arguing for mitigated sentencing alternatives to seeking dismissal of your charges, Cross Law Office, LLC is here to guide you to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Schedule a consultation online or by calling (740) 997-2004 to learn more about your defense options from our Noble County criminal defense attorney.

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