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Burglary is a complex legal matter that requires a clear understanding of Ohio's statutes. In Ohio, burglary is defined as the unlawful entry into a structure, such as a home or business, with the intent to commit a criminal offense, typically theft or assault. Even the mere attempt to commit such an offense upon entry can lead to burglary charges. Understanding the nuances of Ohio's burglary laws is crucial to building a strong defense strategy.

At Cross Law Office, LLC, our experienced criminal defense lawyers have the skill, resources, and tenacity it takes to pursue successful outcomes in tough criminal cases. If you or someone you know has been accused of burglary in Ohio, now is the time to contact our firm. With offices in Caldwell and Coshocton, we defend clients throughout Eastern and Southeastern Ohio.

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What are the Potential Penalties for a Burglary Conviction in Ohio?

Being convicted of burglary in Ohio can have far-reaching consequences that will significantly impact your life. Ohio's legal system classifies burglary into different degrees based on factors such as intent, use of force, and the presence of weapons.

  • First-Degree Burglary: If you're found guilty of first-degree burglary, the most severe degree, you could be facing a lengthy prison sentence ranging from 3 to 11 years. Additionally, substantial fines can accompany this sentence, putting a significant financial burden on you and your loved ones. A first-degree burglary conviction will leave a permanent mark on your criminal record, potentially affecting your employment prospects, housing options, and more.
  • Second-Degree Burglary: Convictions for second-degree burglary also come with serious consequences. This degree of burglary is considered a felony of the second degree. If convicted, you may face a prison term ranging from 2 to 8 years, as well as hefty fines. Just like with first-degree burglary, a second-degree burglary conviction can have lasting repercussions on various aspects of your life.
  • Third-Degree Burglary: Even third-degree burglary, which is a felony of the third degree, carries significant penalties. Convictions for this degree can result in a prison sentence ranging from 9 months to 3 years, along with hefty fines. The implications of a felony conviction extend beyond the courtroom, impacting your reputation, civil rights, and opportunities.

Navigating the potential consequences of a burglary conviction requires expert legal guidance. At Cross Law Office, LLC, our experienced attorneys are well-versed in Ohio's criminal laws and are dedicated to building strong defense strategies tailored to our clients' unique circumstances. We understand the gravity of the situation and are committed to helping you minimize the impact of burglary charges on your life.

Defending Against Burglary Charges

When facing burglary charges, it's crucial to explore potential defense strategies that align with the specifics of your case. 

Possible defenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Challenging the intent element of the crime
  • Demonstrating lack of evidence
  • Establishing an alibi

Cross Law Office, LLC, specializes in creating tailored defense strategies that leverage our deep knowledge of Ohio's legal landscape. With experience in handling all types of complex criminal cases, our attorneys are skilled at identifying weaknesses in the prosecution's case and building a robust defense on our clients' behalves.

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